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As a car manufacturer, we already live in the future. Developing new cars with new solutions and technologies. But, at Saab, we also do this with our inspiring past in mind. Ensuring the unique Saab spirit lives on in every new product.

Car development needs to take new roads.

Right now we have a lot of exciting future projects cooking in our laboratories. Including projects to make our cars even more efficient, without sacrificing the turbocharged performance and the sporty driving characteristics for which Saab is renowned.

The Scandinavian design approach.
It could be the climate. Or the light. Whatever the reason, we do things a little differently in Scandinavia. It shows in our design language. It's uncomplicated, consistent and every element is there for a reason.

Iconic brand.  Iconic cars.
Saab has always been a different brand. With our Scandinavian origins, innovative approach and aircraft heritage, that's hardly surprising. Some of our cars have become benchmarks for others. Like our early rally cars and our pioneering turbo models. Or the four-season, four-seat convertible concept. From now on we will challenge conventional automotive thinking more than ever. So you can expect cars that really stand out. Like the new Saab 9-5.

Saab is anything but ordinary.
The Saab 2011 model range is more exciting than ever, including the new and advanced Saab 9-5. So take a closer look and get inspired. Download the eBrochure  for more detailed information. Saab is anything but ordinary.

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